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Why the Tortoise Carries its Troubles on its Back

Presented and performed at Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2020

directed by Cara Hinh
lighting design: Siena Wise
costume design: Emily Brod
sound design: Josh Brown
dramaturg: Kathryn de la Rosa
photography: Jonathan Cherry

In 1519 Mexico, panic and fear enveloped the pueblo as children not of pure Spanish descent began to vanish. Having lived through persecution and exile by the Spanish conquest, a witch has found that their magic has manifested and grown. After being visited by an unwanted acquaintance, the witch is faced with a decision: save the children or revenge on the people who once persecuted them. WHY THE TORTOISE CARRIES ITS TROUBLES ON ITS BACK is an atmospheric, postcolonial horror folktale seeking to reclaim what is lost and examine our human capacity for hatred, love, and forgiveness. 
Why The Tortoise_Actors Theatre Solo Per
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