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The Women of _____ (a song not song)

Written by I-Chia Chiu
Presented and performed at The University of Texas at Austin
, 2019

directed by kt shorb
lighting design Austin Shirley 
scenic design Iman Corbani
projection design Kaiwen Fa
costume design Delena Bradley
sound design Malyssa Quilles 
photography Lawrence Peart, courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin

The Women of _______ (a song not song) is inspired by Euripides' The Women of Troy, a tragedy in which the Trojan women mourn their fates after their husbands are killed and Troy burns. The play invites the audience to join a group of nameless ghosts on a multilingual journey through poems and tales, to restore dead memories, to trace linguistic and cultural annihilation, and to speak for the silenced voices in history. As a partially-devised work collecting the voices of historically marginalized people, the play explores trauma, political wars, and our personal battles against ourselves. 
Bridal Sequence (a song not song).jpg
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