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Written by Gage Tarlton
Directed by Ryan Dobrin

This experiential and ensemble-based short film, made to be viewed on a phone, explores the avalanche of online discourse and nuanced activism through TikToks, Facetimes, comments sections, and the myriad of other internet informational screentime that have been our source of connection in 2020 and 2021. When Tripp, an attractive and queer-presenting TikTok-er is attacked in a possible hate crime, the internet reaction grows from supportive to increasingly hostile, sparking a conversation on queerbaiting and straight male worship in the age of cancel culture and Gen Z activism. Never focusing on a single character or video for more than a few minutes, the film will zoom through dozens of reactions, conversations, and personal reactions, told entirely through phone-based apps and videos.

Inspired by the New York Times article "Everyone is Gay on TikTok" by Alex Hawgood

This film was made possible with the generous support of: 
Seaview Productions
Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation
Levy & Chauviere LLC
Ken-Matt Martin

Finalist, NewFilmakers New York 2022
Semi-Finalist, Dumbo Film Festival 2022
Semi-Finalist, Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition 2022 

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